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Receta de Guacamole sin tomate ni cebolla

This time I come to RecipesFree with a basic guacamole recipe without tomato or onion. The simplest way to prepare this delicious avocado cream that has become so famous all over the world. A few months ago I brought you an original recipe of guacamole with delicious pomegranate and ideal to serve as an aperitif or at a snack dinner. This recipe, however, I like more to mix with other things such as wraps with chicken or legumes, to make toasts, etc … Even so, as a dip or cream with a few simple Mexican nachos is also fantastic. This onion and tomato free guacamole has a great cilantro aroma and fantastic consistency, and is made in a minute. In my house it is never missing 🙂

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


For this basic homemade guacamole I especially like the avocados to be very ripe. Real soft! 🙂 If they have any very black parts, we take them off. We empty all the meat and put it in a bowl.

Receta de Guacamole sin tomate ni cebolla - Paso 1


With a fork or a mashing utensil, we crush them well.

Receta de Guacamole sin tomate ni cebolla - Paso 2


We chop the cilantro (it is not necessary if we then go through the mixer, but I like to do it to release aroma) and add it to the bowl along with lemon juice and salt to taste.

Receta de Guacamole sin tomate ni cebolla - Paso 3


Beat well until the desired consistency is obtained in the soft guacamole. There’s no need to beat. A lot of people like bigger pieces. If it’s more of a snack like when I prepare guacamole with pomegranate I like it better not to beat it, but if I make this basic recipe, especially thinking of using it in wraps or on bread, I like it better to beat it and get a very creamy consistency. That’s to your liking.

Receta de Guacamole sin tomate ni cebolla - Paso 4


When we have the guacamole ready, without tomato or onion, we keep it in the fridge until a little before eating time, when we take it out about 20 minutes before so that it can be tempered. And whatever you’re accompanying him with, it’s great!

If you enter my blog Mins Cocina you will discover many more recipes to prepare simple but tasty dishes.

Receta de Guacamole sin tomate ni cebolla - Paso 5