Totopos with corn flour

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Receta de Totopos con harina de maĆ­z

Totopos with corn flour are a typical recipe of Mexican gastronomy that is an easy, practical and ideal dish to get out of the way when we receive unexpected visits. Also, these homemade chips are perfect as appetizers for when we want to organize a complete Mexican-themed night with extremely simple but delicious ingredients.

The elaboration process is very simple: from making some corn tortillas we will obtain the tortilla chips for nachos. We can make the amount of corn tortillas we want according to the guests of the evening, but in general, is calculated about four or five units per person.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


We began to elaborate this recipes of tortilla chips for nachos placing in a bowl the cups of corn flour, the half teaspoon of salt and the cups of water. We mix everything until obtaining a mass of firm but moldable consistency.

Tip: We can add common wheat flour to the dough of homemade tortilla chips if we do not have corn


With the dough ready make small balls and let them rest for a few moments, covered with a cloth.


Meanwhile, heat a frying pan or pot with a very thick base, which can be moistened with oil or a little butter. When it’s warm, we’ll flatten the dough balls to make discs or corn tortillas. We can use an empty bottle, a rolling pin or a steamroller.


Once cooked, we will stack the tortillas and cover them with a cloth so that they do not lose that texture. From the tortillas we will also make homemade tortilla chips, ideal for eating with guacamole or different Mexican sauces. To make corn tortilla chips, we simply cut these cooked tortillas into triangular shapes and fry them in oil, although we can also toast them in the oven.


Once cut, we can consume the tortilla chips with corn flour as if they were nachos. You can season them with salt and pepper and lemon juice or try this delicious cheese sauce for nachos.

Tip: One trick is to sprinkle these tortilla chips with chili powder to make them tastier and spicy