TACOS CAMPECHANOS – Recipe, Ingredients, Origin

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Receta de Tacos campechanos

Tacos are one of the most recognized and popular dishes of Mexican gastronomy. There are countless varieties, for all tastes and styles, so it is impossible not to find a taco that we like. One of the most popular is the taco campechano, which consists of several types of meat, all juicy, fatty and full of flavor. The taco campechano can be found in any part of the Mexican republic, since in any taquería that you meet you will be able to enjoy it. Yes, each one with its own particularity, but all of them keeping their essential primordial.

In RecipesGratis.net we have decided not to miss the opportunity to bring you this exquisite recipe of tacos campechanos, which have a simple, practical and very fast preparation, so they are an excellent option for times when you are very hungry but looking for something without much complication. Stay with us and learn how to make Mexican tacos.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


Take the pork, bacon and chorizo or longaniza and chop it all finely or cut it into small cubes.

Tip: Some people make tacos campechanos with potatoes by cooking one or two medium potatoes and adding them in cubes at the end.

Receta de Tacos campechanos - Paso 1


Fry the sausage or chorizo first, stirring constantly until the meat is medium golden brown.

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Once the sausage is golden brown, add the chopped steak and keep moving constantly for approximately 5 minutes more. It is very important to cook each piece of meat properly so that the tacos campechanos are juicy and delicious.

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Add the bacon and keep moving for another 5 minutes.

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Add the onion cut into thin slices, stir to integrate with the other ingredients and keep cooking until the onion is well sautéed. To find out How to Cut Onions, don’t miss this article.

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When the meat stew is ready, take the corn tortillas, add a portion of the stew, dress with cilantro and serve. It is typical to serve the tacos campechanos recipe with red taquera sauce, but you can prepare any other you like, such as green tomato sauce.

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Tacos campechanos – Origin

There are many theories that speak of the origin and history of the tacos campechanos. Some of them support that these tacos were created in Campeche and that this is the reason for its name. However, other theories confirm that the term ‘campechano’ was attributed to it because of the characteristics of the recipe, as this word means ‘cocktail’, which translates as a combination or mixture of several things, just like this recipe, which offers a combination of different meats.