Rice drink – step-by-step recipe from the photo

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It’s like they say, “Live forever, learn forever.” So I recently learned about the famous Mexican refreshing drink “orchata”, so I’m in a hurry to share how to make this delicious rice drink.


Description of preparation:

Orchata is a very common drink in Latin America, France (orchard), Malta and Italy (ortsata). It can be prepared from earth almonds (chuffs), any long grain rice or sesame. Instead of sugar, you can add honey, maple or sugar syrup, agave syrup or stevia. Orchats are: coffee, coconut, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, nut. Serve hot or cold orchat with plenty of ground cinnamon.


The main ingredient:
Cereals / Rice / Long grain rice / Cinnamon
A dish:
Kitchen geography:


  • Long grain rice – 210 grams
  • Water – 1.2 litres
  • Cinnamon sticks – 3 grand
  • Milk solid – 120 Milliliters
  • Sugar, 95 grams
  • Vanilla extract – 1/2 tablespoons

Number of servings: 4-6

How to make Rice Drink

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 1

Grind the rice into powder in a blender.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 2

In a large jug, put the shredded rice, cinnamon sticks, pour in water. Put the jug in the fridge for 6-8 hours, or better, all night.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 3

Sweep the contents of the jug through a fine sieve or squeeze through gauze.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 4

Add milk to the resulting liquid.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 5

Add vanilla extract.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 6

Add sugar to taste. Mix well and put in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 7

Rice drink “Orchata” is ready.

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