Peanut Marzipan – Rose Style!

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Receta de Mazapán de cacahuate

Thinking of enriching your repertoire of festive recipes, RecipesFree brings you a homemade marzipan as easy as few and with a different flavor that credits its origin: peanut marzipan. A marzipan peanut butter that only needs two ingredients.

This sweet type of marzipan de la Rosa is a tradition in Mexico and a great option for those who want to enjoy a healthier dessert, a little laborious, economic and very traditional.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


Gather only the two ingredients needed (shelled peanuts and icing sugar) and prepare your work table with the necessary utensils to prepare this delicious Mexican cacachuate sweet.

Receta de Mazapán de cacahuate - Paso 1


Roast natural peanuts in a frying pan over very low heat. Wait until they look toasted and remove from the fire. Why toast them? Because it enhances its flavor.

Tip: Roast the peanuts but don’t burn them, otherwise they will taste bitter

Receta de Mazapán de cacahuate - Paso 2


Grind the peanuts with the help of a mortar, until they turn into powder or you can also liquefy them. In my case, I first crushed them with a mortar and then passed them through a manual blender. Why such a long process? To avoid forcing the blender motor. The final consistency of peanut marzipan should be homogeneous, free of lumps and peanut solids. Notice that as the peanuts are crushed, they release a natural oil that makes mixing easier.


Using your hands, knead the peanut paste until it is compact and homogeneous.

Tip: You can flush a flat surface lightly and spread the dough you have made over it. The flour can be cornstarch or the same snowy sugar.

Receta de Mazapán de cacahuate - Paso 5


Spread the dough over the table and model the marzipan peanut butter with the help of a cookie cutter or cookie cutter. Place the marzipan on a tray of tracing paper. Once ready, let them rest for at least 1 hour in the fridge, so that the dough will harden slightly.

Receta de Mazapán de cacahuate - Paso 6


Unmould the peanut marzipan. You can serve on the spot or wrap it in cellophane for later consumption or as a gift – that’s how easy it is to make these homemade peanut mapazans! Rich and simple to make. Would you like to prepare this traditional Christmas candy? If so, you can surprise us with a photo and your comments.

Receta de Mazapán de cacahuate - Paso 7

Homemade marzipan, an international sweet

Marzipan is a traditional Christmas candy consumed in many countries around the world. The essential ingredients in this recipe are three: almonds, sugar and egg. Depending on the preparation and the country where it is produced, proportions, techniques and even ingredients change.

In Europe and America, during the december period, marzipan is part of the culinary repertoire essential. For the Americans it is a legacy of the encounter of worlds; for the Europeans it is perhaps one of the many exchanges with the East (especially with the Arab countries).

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Although the most famous marzipans in the world are the Spanish marzipan from Toledo, and the Germans from Lübeck and Königsberg, there is a great variety of marzipans in many other countries in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, among others) and America (Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico and others).