Baked enchilada chicken for Christmas


Receta de Pollo enchilado al horno para Navidad

Do you want to prepare a chicken to bake marinated and spicy? Then don’t miss this easy recipe that we propose in RecipesFree to make a great enchilada chicken baked for Christmas or any other important occasion, because it is super tasty and the chili sauce is irresistible. Do you dare? Then take note of the ingredients, follow the step by step and leave us a comment with your opinion of the recipe.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


Clean all the chiles by removing the seeds well and put them in a pot with boiling water so that they are cooked together with the garlic, onion and tomato until they are soft.


Once ready, place all of the above ingredients in the blender along with the chicken bouillon, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, oregano, and orange juice to obtain a thick sauce to marinate/align the baked chicken. Then strain it through a sieve so that it is very fine and without the rest of the skins.

Tip: If necessary you can add a little water to the sauce to liquefy it.


Place the salted chicken pieces in a bag or bowl, add the chili sauce, mix well and let it marinate for at least two hours to get all the flavor.

Tip: If you’re going to make the chicken marinated in the whole Christmas oven, add salt and pepper and a few pieces of butter on the inside as well


Once the enchilada chicken is ready, place it in a greased tray with a little butter along with all the sauce. Spread well on top and cover with aluminum foil.


With the oven preheated to 180 ºC, cook the chicken in the oven for Christmas covered for about 45 minutes, then uncover it, soak it with the sauce again, place some pieces of butter on top and let it brown (about 30 minutes more approximately).

Tip: If you bake the chicken whole, make sure you spread the whole surface with the enchilada sauce so it doesn’t get dry.


Enjoy your baked enchilada chicken for Christmas or any other special celebration accompanied by a white rice, refried beans, a Mexican salad and a corn tortilla for example.


Chicken scones – recipe from the photo

Description of preparation:

Place a cast iron pan or a heat-resistant pan in the oven. Heat the oven to 220 degrees. Spice up the chicken inside and outside with salt and pepper.

Carefully remove the pan from the oven, put the chicken in the pan. Bake chicken for about 35 minutes. Cover the chicken freely with foil and let it stand for 15 minutes. Slice the chicken into small pieces.

Heat each corn cake over a gas flame or fold it up, wrap it in foil and heat it in the oven for 10 minutes. Fill the cakes with chicken, onions, cilantro and avocado. Serve scones with lime slices.

For dinner
The main ingredient:
Bird / Chicken / Dough
A dish:
Sandwiches / Baking / Pies
Kitchen geography:


  • a whole chicken – 1.2 kilograms
  • salt and ground pepper – to taste
  • white corn cakes – 12 grand
  • white onion – 1 piece (sliced into cubes)
  • fresh cilantro bundle – 1 piece
  • avocado – 1 grand
  • Lime – 1 grand

Number of servings: 4


Beetroot (or cooked beet) Christmas salad


Receta de Ensalada de navideña de betabel dulce (o remolacha cocida)

Beetroot salads are perfect to serve at Christmas or Christmas Eve or New Year as they are full of color and are super tasty as a dessert after a good menu of dishes prepared for these dates. That’s why in RecipesFree we’re going to show you this time how to make a Christmas salad of sweet beetroot with orange, pineapple, cucumber, carrot, and of course apple, a fruit that can’t be missing on these dates.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


We put together all the ingredients for this beetroot and orange Christmas salad. If you have bought it raw and do not know how to prepare the cooked beetroot, we recommend that you put it in a pot with water to boil with the skin and everything, as if it were a potato, for 20 or 25 minutes to make it soft. And once it’s warm, they’ll remove the skin with their hands or a peeler. Then let it cool completely and you can cut it into cubes of the size you want.

Receta de Ensalada de navideña de betabel dulce (o remolacha cocida) - Paso 1


In a large bowl or salad bowl we mix the cooked beet together with the apple cubes that can be cut with skin or without, and can be as many red as green or a mixture of the two.


Now let’s put the cucumber and pineapple in cubes. It is actually more traditional to add guava to this Christmas Eve salad but I thought it would be appropriate to add a refreshing touch with cucumber and tropical pineapple. I prefer to skin the cucumber to add more Christmas color contrast with this green and beet red.

Tip: Beetroot salad is also a great dessert on New Year’s Eve.


To make the vinaigrette, in another bowl mix the vinegar with lemon juice, sugar and orange zest. The latter will give it a very special citrus touch and the sugar together with vinegar and lemon will give it a very tasty bittersweet touch.


Once the sugar is well dissolved, pour the vinaigrette over the Christmas salad with beetroot and pineapple and integrate perfectly with the fruits.


We can serve this sweet beetroot Christmas salad at room temperature or cold, as you prefer. When serving, we pour a handful of nuts of our preference on top to give it a crunchy touch. And if we prefer creamy, we can add a splash of sour cream or Greek yogurt and condensed milk and we’ll get a super creamy Christmas apple salad that’s perfect for dessert at this time of year.

Receta de Ensalada de navideña de betabel dulce (o remolacha cocida) - Paso 9


Chicken and pepper burrito


Recipe for burritos with chicken breasts, bell peppers, salad and tomatoes


Description of preparation:

Spice up the chicken with salt and pepper. Place in shallow dishes and water 2/3 of the lime juice. Let me stand for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, slice peppers and onions.

Heat the grill to medium temperature. Get the chicken out of the juice. Grill chicken for 5 minutes on each side. Put it on the chopping board and let it cool down.

Meanwhile, grill the flatbreads, often turning them over, for about 1 minute. Cut chicken into thin strips.
Place the flatbreads on a clean surface. Place an equal amount of each ingredient on the flatbread from the edge to the middle. Pour the rest of the lime juice. Fold up the scones, put the seam down and serve.

Lunch / afternoon snack
Main ingredient:
Bird / Chicken / Chicken breast
Kitchen geography:


  • Chicken breasts – 2 pieces
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper – to taste
  • Lima, 3 grand
  • Red peppers – 2 pieces
  • green peppers – 2 pieces
  • Onion – 1 piece
  • Burrito cakes – 4 grand
  • Chili – 1 piece (minced meat)
  • Romain salad – 2 glasses
  • cheese – 60 grams
  • Tomatoes – 2 grand

Number of servings: 4


Frijoles with meat picantes (or chili beans)


Receta de Frijoles con carne picantes (o chili beans)

I love spicy foods. Whenever I find cans of spicy beans (or chilli beans) I put a few in the car and give them a way out more than soon because I can’t resist using them. In RecipesFree we prepare these red beans with ground beef and red peppers, a perfect recipe to fill breads or corn tortillas as well as to dipear or eat it with a fork accompanied by some cheese nachos! Pull out your hotter side and dare with these spicy meat beans.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


To start, peel the onion and cut it into julienne strips. If we prefer not to find chunks of onion in the chili beans with meat, we’d better chop it in brunoisse (small pieces). In a frying pan we put oil and we take it to the fire. When it’s hot, add the onion and poach.


In the meantime, we wash the red peppers, remove their tails and seeds from the inside and cut them into strips. Add them to the frying pan together with the onion and a dash of white wine and let them cook, until they are almost done, stirring from time to time.

Tip: You can also put one red and one green pepper in the Mexican-style chili con carne.


Add the minced meat when the peppers are almost done and also add the Worcestershire sauce, pepper and hot paprika. Mix well and let cook stirring from time to time.

Tip: If you can’t tolerate it too much, lower the amounts of Worcestershire sauce and use sweet paprika. If, on the other hand, you love it, then it’s up to you!


As soon as the meat is almost done, add the chili beans (along with their spicy sauce), mix well and cook the beans with minced meat for a few more minutes so that they get hot. We test and rectify salt if necessary.


Remove the beans with spicy meat from the heat, serve and enjoy! Don’t forget to check out my blog Los dulces secretos de Cuca if you feel like finishing your meal with a good dessert.


Rice drink – step-by-step recipe from the photo

It’s like they say, “Live forever, learn forever.” So I recently learned about the famous Mexican refreshing drink “orchata”, so I’m in a hurry to share how to make this delicious rice drink.


Description of preparation:

Orchata is a very common drink in Latin America, France (orchard), Malta and Italy (ortsata). It can be prepared from earth almonds (chuffs), any long grain rice or sesame. Instead of sugar, you can add honey, maple or sugar syrup, agave syrup or stevia. Orchats are: coffee, coconut, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, nut. Serve hot or cold orchat with plenty of ground cinnamon.


The main ingredient:
Cereals / Rice / Long grain rice / Cinnamon
A dish:
Kitchen geography:


  • Long grain rice – 210 grams
  • Water – 1.2 litres
  • Cinnamon sticks – 3 grand
  • Milk solid – 120 Milliliters
  • Sugar, 95 grams
  • Vanilla extract – 1/2 tablespoons

Number of servings: 4-6

How to make Rice Drink

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 1

Grind the rice into powder in a blender.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 2

In a large jug, put the shredded rice, cinnamon sticks, pour in water. Put the jug in the fridge for 6-8 hours, or better, all night.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 3

Sweep the contents of the jug through a fine sieve or squeeze through gauze.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 4

Add milk to the resulting liquid.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 5

Add vanilla extract.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 6

Add sugar to taste. Mix well and put in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Рисовый напиток - фото шаг 7

Rice drink “Orchata” is ready.

Pork leg marinated for Christmas


Receta de Pierna de cerdo adobada para Navidad

In Latin American countries it is very common to celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving by preparing a leg of pork marinated with achiote and other condiments for dinner, although you can always add your own touch to this dish by seasoning the meat with the ingredients you prefer.

That’s why in this occasion from RecipesGratis we put to your disposition this recipe of pork leg to the adobaba oven that takes its time to prepare it but, we assure you that the result is worth it.

The key to making the meat of this baked pork leg tender is the vinegar, either white or apple, which contributes to the softening of the meat and makes it juicy inside.

In addition, as we also left the last 30 minutes the pork leg marinated for Christmas without covering in the oven, we get it to be well browned and crunchy on the outside.

So don’t think twice about it and for the next few parties, go ahead and prepare this Christmas marinated leg that will enchant all your diners next step by step.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


The first step in preparing this delicious marinated leg of Christmas pork is to wash, devein and remove the seeds from the chiles and bring them to a boil.

Tip: You can toast the chiles in a comal beforehand if you prefer and then blend them with the rest of the ingredients.


Once boiled, place the chiles in a blender together with the cloves, the peeled garlic and onion, a pinch of fine salt, the annatto and a little of the cooking water of the chiles, and blend everything until a homogeneous sauce is obtained.

Tip: If you can’t buy a clean pork leg, you’ll have to clean it at home by washing it, shaving it if it has hairs and leaving it covered in lemon water for about 10 minutes so that the bad smell goes away.


Next, we make diagonal cuts in both directions on the surface of the clean pork leg, as if we were making a grate, and then place it on a tray or tray suitable for baking and sprinkle over the peppercorns and rosemary leaves.

These deep cuts will help us to better penetrate the sauce of the leg marinated in the oven.


Next, mix the apple vinegar with the orange juice and inject it into the pork leg.

Tip: Vinegar will help soften pork.


Then pour the chili sauce over the Christmas marinated pork leg distributing it evenly over the entire surface and let it rest for at least two hours so that it absorbs all the flavors well.


After that time, preheat the oven to 200 ºC, split the piece of butter or lard in several parts and place them on top of the pork leg marinated with achiote and chiles.


Then cover the marinated pork leg with aluminum foil and put it in the oven for about 4 hours, bathing it with the chili sauce from time to time so that it impregnates well and is not dry.

Tip: Turn the roasted pork leg halfway through cooking so it’s done well on both sides.


Once well cooked, remove the aluminum foil from the pork leg marinated in the oven and leave uncovered to brown for 30 minutes more inside.


When it is well browned, we can serve our exquisite marinated pork leg for Christmas by sprinkling a pinch of coarse salt on top and accompanied by a Christmas apple salad and a good mashed potatoes for example. A very complete menu for these very special holidays!


Tacos with fish – step-by-step recipe with photo



Description of preparation:

Make sure the fish are fresh before cooking. It has to be hard, good color and with a pure salty smell. If you can’t find tilapia, use white fish such as cod, halibut and other marinade and avocado cream in advance 24 hours.

Такос с рыбой - фото шаг 1

1. Mix rapeseed oil, 2 lemons juice, garlic salt and Adobo sauce in a small bowl and whisk to homogeneity. Put the fish in a closing plastic bag and pour in the marinade. Shake the bag so that the fish are evenly covered in marinade. Close the bag and set aside to marinate for 30 minutes.

Такос с рыбой - фото шаг 2

2. In the meantime, make some avocado cream. Avocado cleanse and dice. Grind to consistency the mashed potatoes and place in a middle bowl. Add sour cream, 1 lime juice, hot sauce and garlic salt. Cover the bowl with the lid and put it in the fridge.

Такос с рыбой - фото шаг 3

3. Heat the grill. Remove the fish from the marinade and dry each fillet with a paper towel. Pour hot sauce on each side of the fish. Oil the grill grid and fish fillets on both sides. Put the fish on the grill and cook for 3 minutes. Turn the fish over and fry for another minute. Place the fish on a plate, spray it with lemon juice and cover it with a lid to keep it warm.

Такос с рыбой - фото шаг 4

4. Grill corn cakes quickly. Wrap it up on both sides. Shoveling cabbage. Slice the cilantro into small pieces. Place avocado cream on the flatbreads, add pieces of fish shredded with a fork, then place about 2 tablespoons of chunky cabbage and some coriander on top. Serve right away.



Stuffed vegan chayotes – with tofu and almond bechamel!


Receta de Chayotes rellenos veganos

Chayote is a vegetable that is widely cultivated and consumed throughout the Americas. It is generally used as any other tuber, boiled, in stews, purees or fried. In this recipe that I share with RecetasGrátis we are going to prepare some vegan stuffed chayotes with tofu, pumpkin and corn, and with a rich bechamel of almond milk to grill them in the oven. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it? then write down the ingredients and the step by step and don’t wait any longer to prepare them!

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


The first step in preparing these vegan stuffed challotes is to cook the chayotes. Peel the chayotes, cut them in half lengthwise and remove the heart. Fill a saucepan with water with a little salt and cook the chayotes until they are soft and can be easily pricked with a fork.


While the chayotes are cooking, cut the tofu and pumpkin into small cubes. Heat a skillet with a little oil and sauté the tofu, pumpkin and corn together.


To prepare the chayotes au gratin, make an almond bechamel sauce: melt the vegetable margarine in a saucepan. Add flour and stir until well roasted. Slowly pour in the almond milk, stirring with the sticks to avoid lumps. Add a pinch of nutmeg and salt. Stir vegan bechamel sauce over medium heat until thickened and reduced.


Mix the bechamel sauce with the sautéed vegetables and tofu. Stuff and place the chayotes in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180 °C, in a preheated oven.


Once they are grilled, you can serve your vegan stuffed chayotes accompanied to your liking. I recommend you do it with this Thai salad of green papaya or visit my Vegspiration blog where you will find many more options of garnishes or accompaniments for this dish.

Soup with corn, onions and chili

Prescription for corn grain soup, onions, chili blanc, sour cream and caraway.


Description of preparation:

Heat the oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add onions, chili and garlic. Fry until the onions are soft and transparent and the chili and garlic will not give the flavor for about 5 minutes.
Add coriander, cumin, turmeric and fry until aromatic, about 2 minutes. Add the corn and fry until golden, about 5 minutes. Take it off the fire and let it cool down a little bit.

Place 1 1/2 cup of corn mixture in the kitchen combine, add sour cream and salt. Beat them up until the mixture is homogeneous.
Place in a large bowl or plastic storage container, add the remaining corn mixture. Cover the lid and put in the fridge for at least 2 to 3 hours.


For lunch
Main ingredient:
Vegetables / Corn / Onion
Kitchen geography:



  • vegetable oil – 1 teaspoon
  • Yellow onions – 1/2 grand
  • garlic – 1 Toothpick
  • ground coriander – 1 teaspoon
  • Ground caraway – 1/2 teaspoons
  • Ground turmeric – 1/8 teaspoons
  • of coarse salt – 3/4 teaspoons