Baked enchilada chicken for Christmas

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Receta de Pollo enchilado al horno para Navidad

Do you want to prepare a chicken to bake marinated and spicy? Then don’t miss this easy recipe that we propose in RecipesFree to make a great enchilada chicken baked for Christmas or any other important occasion, because it is super tasty and the chili sauce is irresistible. Do you dare? Then take note of the ingredients, follow the step by step and leave us a comment with your opinion of the recipe.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:


Clean all the chiles by removing the seeds well and put them in a pot with boiling water so that they are cooked together with the garlic, onion and tomato until they are soft.


Once ready, place all of the above ingredients in the blender along with the chicken bouillon, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, oregano, and orange juice to obtain a thick sauce to marinate/align the baked chicken. Then strain it through a sieve so that it is very fine and without the rest of the skins.

Tip: If necessary you can add a little water to the sauce to liquefy it.


Place the salted chicken pieces in a bag or bowl, add the chili sauce, mix well and let it marinate for at least two hours to get all the flavor.

Tip: If you’re going to make the chicken marinated in the whole Christmas oven, add salt and pepper and a few pieces of butter on the inside as well


With the oven preheated to 180 ÂșC, cook the chicken in the oven for Christmas covered for about 45 minutes, then uncover it, soak it with the sauce again, place some pieces of butter on top and let it brown (about 30 minutes more approximately).

Tip: If you bake the chicken whole, make sure you spread the whole surface with the enchilada sauce so it doesn’t get dry.


Enjoy your baked enchilada chicken for Christmas or any other special celebration accompanied by a white rice, refried beans, a Mexican salad and a corn tortilla for example.