Step-by-step Sangrieta recipe with a photo

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Description of preparation:

Sangrieta can be used as a separate drink or as a tequila drink. But there are also a lot of recipes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails with sangritis.
For example, you can add finely sliced celery and fresh cucumber to it and get a wonderful vitamin cocktail.


To the festive table / Buffet
The main ingredient:
Vegetables / Tomato / Fruit / Orange / Lime
A dish:
Drinks / Sookie
Kitchen geography:

Сангрита - фото шаг 1

First, prepare tomatoes. Cut the skin on each tomato, put it in a large bowl and pour boiling water for a few seconds. This is to make it easier to peel off the tomatoes. When the peel is peeled, cut the tomatoes and get the seeds. Then move the tomatoes in the blender to a mashed potato state.

Сангрита - фото шаг 2

Now wash and dry the lime and orange. You have to squeeze the juice out of these fruits. This can be done with a juicer or by hand, after cutting the fruit into slices.

Сангрита - фото шаг 3

Clean the onions from the husks. Slice it up in random small pieces. Transfer the onion into a blender and turn it into a homogeneous mushroom at high speed. Make sure you don’t leave any non-permafrost pieces.

Сангрита - фото шаг 4

The last step is to mix all the ingredients. Place tomato puree, ground onions, citrus juice in one container. Put chili peppers, salt and sugar in here. Mix it all up well. If you see that there are pieces of onion or tomato left, you can rub the juice again with a blender. When it’s a homogeneous aromatic mass, the sangritis is ready.

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