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MINSK, Mar 19 – Sputnik. A resident of China barely survived after injecting fruit juice into her blood, writes the South China Morning Post.


                    Sputnik / Victor Tolochko
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It is reported that a 51-year-old woman decided to improve her health with the help of traditional medicine and injected fruit juice into her veins.

With the help of a dropper, she injected herself with 20 types of fruit drinks.

A Chinese woman named Zeng blindly believed in various folk remedies for beauty and health and thought that she could better absorb the nutrients from the fruit if she injected them directly into the veins.

Shortly after intravenous administration of drops of juice, she began to have fever and itching, and the woman was hospitalized.

It is noted that the victim did not immediately contact the doctors. The woman initially ignored the painful symptoms, but then was forced to go to the hospital, as her shocked husband found out about her injections of "health and beauty."

In the hospital, it turned out that the patient called the doctor home, pretending to be sick, and after the doctor left, she replaced the liquid in the dropper with her mixture of fruit juices.

Hospital staff sent her to another clinic, and there the patient was placed in intensive care.

A Chinese doctor in charge told reporters that the woman suffered from a severe infection that damaged her heart, kidneys and liver. He said that carelessness and excessive passion for traditional medicine turned out to be a risk for the patient to die from multiple organ failure and sepsis.

Doctors prescribed treatment, cleansed her blood, giving antibiotics.

After five days of emergency treatment, Zeng's condition improved, then she was transferred to the usual department for patients with kidney disease. Doctors, meanwhile, recalled that you can not engage in self-medication, much less use dubious recipes that have no scientific justification.

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