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Birch sap is a favorite drink for many in spring and summer. Many foreigners are surprised that we drink birch sap, but very in vain: it is full of nutrients and can help with vitamin deficiency, and also generally improve health! What is so useful birch sap?

Phytocides In birch sap there are many of these substances – the so-called "plant antibiotics". Phytocides stop the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria and enhance immunity. So they caught a cold – look for juice faster!

Help the stomach. Birch sap perfectly helps the work of the stomach and intestines, due to which in phytotherapy it has established itself as the best tool for improving metabolism. In addition, he also has a mild diuretic, which will help you fight swelling. By the way, the calorific value of birch sap is very low: 24 kcal per 100 milliliters.

A storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Birch sap contains salts of magnesium, sodium, silicon, potassium, calcium, copper, manganese, as well as iron and other minerals. It also contains ascorbic acid and two very important vitamins: B6 and B12.

Useful in a cosmetic bag. Yes, thanks to its composition, birch sap has long been used in "folk cosmetology." It is useful for them to wash themselves, as well as cleanse the skin with ice from juice. It is believed that this helps to fight acne and other skin problems.

Of course, birch sap has contraindications. You should be careful if you have urolithiasis or diabetes. Remember: it is better to consult a doctor once more than risk your health, because sometimes the whole benefit of a drink can be noticeably outweighed by the negative effect on your body specifically!

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