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If you notice that a well-deserved glass of wine on Friday turned into a couple of glasses during the working week, or just want to join the supporters of a healthy lifestyle – read the motivational help Sputnik.

Now consider in more detail:

Transformation number 1: normalizes sleep

American researchers concluded that drinking alcohol at bedtime increases brain activity. As a result, you are filled with energy, and your sleep is disturbed. Another study showed that although alcohol contributes to rapid falling asleep, the quality of sleep is poor. As a result, abandoning alcohol, you will fall asleep more slowly, but in the morning you will feel more rested and efficient.

Transformation number 2: calories are reduced

Alcohol is the main provocateur of “trips” to the refrigerator. All because alcohol enhances not only sensory, but also taste buds. According to experts, women who drink alcohol, as a result, eat 30% more than those who abandoned a bad habit. And do not forget about the high calorie content of alcohol itself. In other words, if you take the path of abstinence – healthy weight loss will not keep you waiting.

Cities of the world. Vitebsk

                    Sputnik / Alexey Danichev
WHO named the main threats to human health in 2019

Turn 3: Metabolism Improves

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages complicates the work of the liver and pancreas, which play an important role in metabolism. And if you drank enough, you will be surprised at how your metabolism starts to work in a couple of weeks.

Turn 4: Immunity Improves

American doctor George Coob believes that alcohol can weaken any immunity, make the body more vulnerable and painful. And let the life of the "teetotaler" does not make your health "horse", it just normalizes your immune system.

Transformation number 5: complexion improves

Are you familiar with red spots, dry face and small wrinkles? A few days after giving up alcohol, your face will become more hydrated and radiant. The thing is that alcohol is considered a strong diuretic, and after each feast your skin does not look completely healthy.

The main thing is to drink enough water

CC0 / Pixabay
How to quickly get rid of a hangover

Turn 6: Reducing Oncology Risk and Liver Effectiveness

According to the results of the studies, scientists found that the frequent use of alcohol can be associated with various types of cancer: breast, oral cavity, intestines and liver. As for the liver, after drinking alcohol, it must function longer and harder, which can lead to wear and even dystrophy. But remember that the restoration of this organ takes a long time.

Turn 7: Sweet Craving Increases

Sugar increases the level of the hormone responsible for our pleasure. Alcohol does the same. And if you exclude one, then automatically begin to "attack" the other. Do not be upset ahead of time and replenish your joy with useful sweets: Greek yogurt, fruits, cereal bars and curds.

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