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The list of products that help a sound and healthy sleep, scientists have published on the Healthista portal.

A study on the effect of foods on sleep quality was conducted by the Australian nutritionist Rick Hay: he compared the composition of a number of dishes, spices and drinks and came to the conclusion that some of them can fight insomnia.

At first, traditional remedies can help with insomnia - a shower before bedtime, a cold pillow and fresh air in the room

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So, according to the researcher, green and white teas help sleep best: due to the content of L-theanine (levoteanin), they calm the nervous system, and the effect of this substance is stronger than that contained in caffeine teas. Chamomile tea is also on the leader list – thanks to its composition, it soothes and relieves anxiety.

Among the record holders for the effect on sleep is cinnamon, which stabilizes blood sugar, due to drops in which many wake up at night. By the way, many nutritionists are confident that this effect of cinnamon helps to lose weight and less to “lean” on sweets.

Sleeping foods include ginger, licorice, passion fruit, lemon, and baobab. These products soothe the nervous system and help you sleep better.

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