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Springtime is characterized not only by the sound of drops, warm wind and sun, but also by a lack of vitamins. Exacerbation of chronic diseases, mood swings and frequent fatigue can be signs of vitamin deficiency.

Most experts agree that in the rarest cases the body lacks a certain vitamin. Usually we need a whole complex of nutrients.

For example, a person chose the path of vegetarianism and abandoned animal products, then he is clearly experiencing a deficiency of vitamins A, D, E and biotin. And if the diet lacks plant foods, then he urgently needs vitamins of group C and B.

If we expand the circle of “suspects” and recall the end of a long winter, we can say that we are all not immune from vitamin deficiency.

What signs are typical for a seasonal “sore” and what needs to be done to protect yourself from a lack of vitamins, read the Sputnik help.

What vitamins will save the situation and protect you from vitamin deficiency

Vitamin A – is responsible for the health of the skin, hair and teeth. Where to look: fish, seafood, apricots.

Vitamin B – is responsible for metabolism, nervous and cardiac systems, protects hair, skin and nails, improves eyesight and stimulates appetite. Where to look: rice, eggs, broccoli, yeast, meat and dairy products.

Vitamin D – protects against colds. Where to look: liver, fish, eggs.

Vitamin C – lowers cholesterol, reduces exposure to allergens. Where to look: rosehip broth, sweet pepper, blackcurrant and sea buckthorn.

Vitamin E – protects cells from free radicals, positively affects the reproductive and endocrine systems, and slows down the aging process. Where to look: vegetable oil, nuts.

How to deal with vitamin deficiency

First of all, pay attention to your diet, you may have ruled out especially important foods. And instead of immediately rushing to the pharmacy for a complex of vitamins, consult your doctor. Only a specialist can carry out certain tests, identify a lack of nutrients and draw up a detailed plan of action.

Take care of yourself!

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