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MINSK, Apr 16 – Sputnik. British Charlotte Dubard unexpectedly gave birth to a child in the bathroom, writes Daily Mail. It is reported that the baby is healthy.

According to the publication, the 24-year-old resident of London did not notice her pregnancy, but gave birth in a bathroom without help.

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Suddenly pregnant: Scottish woke up and unexpectedly gave birth to

The girl says that during the whole pregnancy did not change her lifestyle, even smoked and drank alcohol. At the same time, she said, she used the pill.

It did not even occur to the British that she might be in position. The girl claims that she continued to go bleeding every month, and the weight remained at the same level.

The only change she noticed was craving for sweets. The girl in this period really wanted such delicacies.

The newly-minted mother admitted that she hardly felt any pain during the contractions, as they intensified and subsided. Only when the pains became stronger, she decided to check what was the matter: she noticed the baby’s head with the help of the camera of the phone. She cut the umbilical cord with nail scissors.

The father of the child immediately came to the girl when she called. True, in her story did not believe immediately. At first, the guy thought it was all a joke, and his girlfriend found a child on the street. The kid was shown to the doctors, who assured the parents that the newborn was healthy.

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