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Unfortunately, the headache does not spare anyone: it affects people regardless of race, age, place of residence and income level. It can be tension pain, cluster pain and, worst of all, chronic pain or migraine. In any case, it is a state of the body when functioning becomes painful. The fact that this is where it originates, symptoms and methods of struggle – in the help Sputnik.



What is migraine

Migraine refers to neurological diseases, which is manifested by attacks from 1-2 times a year to several times a month. This disease most often affects women, this is due to hormonal factors.

Causes of migraine

The cause of migraine is simple: in the deep parts of the brain, a mechanism is activated that results in the release of inflammatory substances around the blood vessels and nerves of the head. As a result, this process leads to pain in the head.

A kind of push to activate the mechanism are several vital factors.

Migraine symptoms

Symptoms characteristic of migraine, occur immediately during the attack. Between attacks, most people with this type of headache feel good.

What to do during a migraine

Not so long ago, the media reported that scientists have developed a unique vaccine that can save humanity from a terrible headache. In theory, a new medicine should reduce the intensity and duration of migraines by 80%.

However, at this stage, unfortunately, it is impossible to completely cure the migraine. However, studies show that seizures become less frequent with age. In addition, there are a number of methods that help, if not get rid of, then at least temporarily stop or relieve pain.

Of course, to get rid of pain during a migraine, it is necessary to take carefully selected analgesics, in the correct dosage. Non-prescription medication will help choose a pharmacist.

Tablets, archival photo

Tablets, archival photo

In addition to traditional medicines used to relieve a migraine attack, there are several simple points.

For example, neurologists advise to try to spend the weekend in the fresh air for at least half an hour. This may be a walk in the park, forest or on the waterfront. The need for Sunday promenades arises from the fact that on a weekday a person spends one way or another on the street, and unfortunately he tries to spend the weekend at home, and this can provoke a migraine attack. It is also very important that the diet on weekends and weekdays does not differ dramatically. For example, there should not be such that on weekdays you eat “as it should”: then two, then once a day, and on weekends you arrange for yourself the real “belly feast”. Try to consume less products that contain tyramine. This substance is, for example, in some nuts, legumes and in overripe fruit. Also, to avoid a seizure, it is necessary to get rid of bad habits, smoking and excessive drinking. If you have a “walk” on a day off, then another migraine attack will not be long in coming. Be sure to adjust your sleep. Hours of sleep should be about the same on weekends and weekdays. That is, you should not “wallow” on a day off for 10-12 hours, when your weekly sleep is six hours.

By following these simple rules, you can reduce the number of migraine attacks.


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