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Five myths about losing weight that you still believe in
If you are trying, but can not lose weight, then this may be dozens, if not hundreds of excuses. Some blame the "broken metabolism" for everything, others believe that it is all about one bun, eaten after six in the evening. On the Internet and social networks a lot of information about the "discoveries" of nutrition. So, among the most frequent myths to which they resort, justifying their inability to lose weight, can be called:

From sugar (in any quantity) get fat.
From fat (in any amount) get fat.
Without any specific dietary supplements get fat.
May break down metabolism.
In the fat deposits poorly circulates blood.

Such a "reason" in the Internet space published a great many. Some people have attempts at scientific substantiation, others “keep their word of honor”. Anyway, until now, science calls only one reason why most people cannot lose weight.

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You consume more energy than you spend.

You can understand this by referring to the school curriculum and the law of conservation of energy: energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only transforms from one form to another. That is, the energy that comes with food (any food, because kilocalories are everywhere – in spinach, and in a cheese bun) can either be spent on any activity, or delayed "in reserve" in the body.

In dietology, the law of energy balance is applied, which boils down to the following: if you eat more than you spend, you get fat, and if less you lose weight. It is this law, if you believe a lot of scientific research (example 1, 2, 3), and is the main cause of success or failure in losing weight.

Your metabolism is a combination of basal metabolism (what is required to maintain the activity of all organs, respiration and circulation), the thermal effect of food (how much energy is spent on the digestive process), non-training activity (dancing with your foot to your favorite song, walking after work and washing dishes) and what you spend on sports.


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That is, if you eat with a calorie deficit, you will lose weight. Regardless of whether you eat only buns or only chicken breast – energy is energy.

Another question is that thanks to some types of food you can become healthier. But if we are talking only about losing weight, then the only reason why you can not manage to lose extra pounds is that you eat too much or move too little.

Be healthy!

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