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The Briton introduced a dangerous infection into his body, brushing his ear with a cotton swab, writes Health.


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For four years, a man lived with a toothpick in his heart.

The 31-year-old man did not feel ill right away, but after ten days (he had a seizure), before that his ear was constantly sore, and besides, liquid flowed out of him. In addition, he suffered from a headache, experienced bouts of vomiting, and even began to forget the names of people.

The guy went to the hospital. Doctors did a CT scan to take a closer look at his brain. They found two abscesses (inflamed areas filled with pus) in his skull near the left ear canal, as well as otitis media. This meant that although the infection probably got inside through the ear, it managed to spread further.

Doctors later discovered that the infection reached the lining of the patient’s brain, but, fortunately for him, did not penetrate the mucosa to the organ itself.

In the man’s ear, doctors found a piece of cotton wool that made it hurt. The patient recovered after ten days of treatment and admitted that he would never clean his ear with cotton buds again.

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