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MINSK, Mar 4 – Sputnik. British Sofia Ahmed and her brothers Tahir Khan and Omar from Walsall decided to remove their stomachs for fear of getting cancer, writes BBC News.

Production of medicines, archive photo

                    Sputnik / Victor Tolochko
Belarusian cancer drugs may enter the European market

The fact is that during the examination, they learned about their predisposition to cancer and decided to protect themselves.

It is reported that stomach cancer caused the death of their mother and sister. After that, the relatives went for an examination and found out that they were at risk.

Doctors suggested they remove their stomachs. Sophia and her brothers underwent surgery well, now they feel fine. According to the girl, she can still eat whatever she wants. True, there is one caveat – a lack of vitamins, but in comparison with cancer this is not such a big problem.

By the way, sugar sharply increases the risk of cancer, scientists are sure. Especially dangerous are products that contain corn syrup.

Researchers advise replacing sugar with fruit or honey.

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