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Nov 20

35 cases of mushroom poisoning recorded since the beginning of the year in Belarus

The largest number of victims was noted in Minsk and the Mogilev region – 12 and 8 cases, respectively. Chief Editor

Nov 15

“Keep your log” – Minsker lived for a year and a half with a toothpick in her leg

The patient lived for a year and a half with a toothpick in her leg – during this time, Minsk doctors gave her dozens of different diagnoses, and she paid a rather large amount for treatment. Chief Editor

Nov 10

Zhukova: the incidence of ARVI in Belarus is 20% lower than last year

This year, the period of increase in the number of cases has shifted – by a week compared to the previous year. Chief Editor

Nov 08

The first measles case in the current year detected in Minsk

The child was not vaccinated against measles, because his parents were against it. Chief Editor

Nov 07

Every year, doctors find oncology in 51 thousand Belarusians

According to forecasts, 52 thousand Belarusians will reveal oncological diseases next year. Chief Editor

Nov 04

Doctors promise to raise salaries by the end of the year

Belarusian doctors will increase their salaries as part of the task set by Alexander Lukashenko: to double the salaries of medical workers by 2025. Chief Editor

Nov 04

Almost two hundred cases of measles recorded in Belarus since the beginning of the year

About 85% of measles patients were unvaccinated and refused vaccination. Chief Editor

Nov 02

This year ticks bite Minskers more often than last

Of the bitten by ticks this year, one third of Minsk residents are children. Chief Editor

Nov 01

Dr. Chesnov: in the school year, the student needs a balance of load and rest

Sputnik Belarus https://cdn12.img.sputnik.by/i/logo.png Sputnik https://cdn12.img.sputnik.by/i/logo.png Chief Editor

Oct 31

Lukashenko demanded to solve all problems in healthcare before the end of the year

The head of state listed a number of problematic issues in the system, including queues in clinics and rudeness on the part of doctors. Chief Editor