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Tag: Woman

Jun 18

Woman bore children twice in one month

MINSK, 28 Mar – Sputnik. A resident of Bangladesh experienced childbirth twice in one month, reports the BBC. An amazing incident occurred in the city of Jessore. ©                     Sputnik / Pavel Lvov Chinese woman gave birth to twins from two different fathers It is reported that first the woman gave birth to one child (boy), […]

Jun 17

Doctors in Portugal did not allow a woman to die for 13 weeks to give birth

MINSK, 29 Mar – Sputnik. A baby named Salvador was born in Portugal after living 13 weeks in the womb of a mother who died in her brain, writes BBC. CC0 / Pixabay / WenPhotos Woman bore children twice in one month The baby was born on the 32nd week of pregnancy, the baby weighs […]

Jun 17

Woman turned into a zombie because of skin cream

MINSK, 5 Apr – Sputnik. A resident of the UK Laura Barnett has become like a zombie from films after using hormonal creams for the face, writes the Daily Mail. According to the British, the remedy caused her big skin problems. CC0 / Pixabay / abubibolabu A man lived four years with a toothpick in […]