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Nov 07

Pinevich: detection and treatment of oncology will be close to the place of residence

Sputnik Belarus https://cdn12.img.sputnik.by/i/logo.png Sputnik https://cdn12.img.sputnik.by/i/logo.png Chief Editor

Oct 30

The Ministry of Health will finance the treatment of rare childhood diseases

It is planned to purchase the necessary equipment to monitor the condition of children before and after the treatment of epilepsy, as well as provide assistance to minors with tuberous sclerosis. Chief Editor

Oct 26

Meningitis: symptoms and treatment of the disease

The bacteria and viruses surrounding us can cause dangerous inflammation of the soft membranes of the brain – meningitis. Symptoms and treatment of a serious illness are in the Sputnik Help. Chief Editor

Oct 23

Visa-free tourists in Grodno began to come for treatment at a sanatorium more often

Foreign guests note that in local sanatoriums the quality of services is at the European level, and prices are much lower. Chief Editor

Oct 21

Scientists have proven the benefits of aspirin in cancer treatment

In patients regularly taking aspirin, the chance to live longer increased from 25% to 78%. Chief Editor

Aug 20

"Disease of the Kings": symptoms and treatment of gout

Gout, or impaired protein metabolism, has long been considered a disease of kings and aristocrats. After all, only wealthy people could afford to eat so many meat delicacies and wine – products that provoke the disease. There is an opinion that gout is a disease of the elderly, but this is a fallacy. Middle-aged people […]

Aug 20

Government approves country grant for HIV treatment

MINSK, Mar 20 – Sputnik. The Council of Ministers of Belarus approved five projects of international technical assistance, including a project for the prevention and treatment of HIV patients and tuberculosis, the government’s press service said on Wednesday. ©                     Sputnik / Maxim Bogodvid Government approves country grant for HIV treatment For almost three months, Belarusian […]

Jun 16

We drove for treatment: Minsk residents became victims of a visa-free regime with Israel

We drove for treatment: Minsk residents became victims of a visa-free regime with Israel. [TagsToTranslate] deportation Chief Editor