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Nov 07

Ten Thousand Steps to Your Dream Figure: Nutritionist and Trainer on Walking Fashion

Will 10 thousand steps completed during a day help to lose weight, and also whether it is worth trusting fitness trackers and pedometer applications. Chief Editor

Oct 25

Rules of conduct in the “rocking chair": a fitness trainer talked about what infuriates him

How to behave in the gym, so as not to cause condemnation of "old-timers" and remain within the "fitness etiquette". Chief Editor

Jun 18

How to support the body in the spring? Tips from a nutritionist and fitness trainer

You can support the body in the spring, observing a few simple rules, Sputnik was told about this by a dietitian and endocrinologist, the author of a blog about dietology, sports and medicine Olga Avchinnikova. ©                     Pixabay The only reason that really keeps you from losing weight According to the expert, to support the body […]