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Aug 20

Better not to try? The doctor told the whole truth about the keto diet

©                     Sputnik Village doctor conducts a video blog about healthy lifestyle and fitness Keto diets are one of the main trends in modern nutrition. Proponents of this type of diet, which involves a sharp reduction in the amount of carbohydrates and an increase in fat in the diet, are sure that on a keto diet […]

Jun 17

The Ministry of Health told about the number of measles cases since the beginning of this year

MINSK, Apr 2 – Sputnik. Since the beginning of this year, 45 laboratory-confirmed cases of measles have been registered in Belarus, the Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday. Cases of measles are detected in Belarus since February 2018, the first outbreak was registered in Volkovysk, the disease was brought to the republic from Ukraine. © […]

Jun 16

Scientists told about the mortal danger of kebabs and the correct marinade

MINSK, Apr 10 – Sputnik. Kebabs can be deadly to human health. This conclusion was made by British and Chinese scientists in the course of the study. ©                     Sputnik / Maria Amelina Belarus bypasses Russia in the ranking of healthy countries The fact is that cooking on an open fire is just as dangerous as […]