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Nov 17

How best to get enough sleep and get up in winter easier – somnologist tips

A single amount and sleep regimen, light therapy, a contrast shower and tryptophan-containing products will all help you get better sleep and get up easily in the mornings in cold weather. Chief Editor

Nov 07

Ophthalmologist's tips: how to choose sunglasses and not harm your eyes

Saving on the rim is dangerous: buying glasses not in optics, but, for example, in the market, it is easy to run into a fake, where instead of sun-protection lenses there will be ordinary colored plastic. Chief Editor

Nov 02

Chesnov: tips from a famous pediatrician – how to prepare a child for school

How to properly prepare your child, and especially the first grader, for a new load for him without harming his health and well-being, you should think in advance when there are three more weeks before school days. Famous Minsk pediatrician, head of the admission department of the 3rd Children’s Hospital in Minsk, and presenter of […]

Oct 11

Self-tested: 7 tips before plastic surgery

Minsk resident Lydia shared her personal experience about what plastic surgery is in reality. For a long time, the girl was worried about the size of her breasts – she had a natural asymmetry, one breast was very different from the other. She did not feel like everyone else. And last year, after much deliberation, […]

Jun 18

How to support the body in the spring? Tips from a nutritionist and fitness trainer

You can support the body in the spring, observing a few simple rules, Sputnik was told about this by a dietitian and endocrinologist, the author of a blog about dietology, sports and medicine Olga Avchinnikova. ©                     Pixabay The only reason that really keeps you from losing weight According to the expert, to support the body […]

Apr 22

Onishchenko: How to get rid of ticks – tips from a famous epidemiologist

The most famous Russian epidemiologist Gennady Onishchenko on the eve of the weekend gave some original recommendations on how to protect yourself, pets and the dacha from unexpectedly early invasion of ticks this year. . Chief Editor