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Aug 20

"Disease of the Kings": symptoms and treatment of gout

Gout, or impaired protein metabolism, has long been considered a disease of kings and aristocrats. After all, only wealthy people could afford to eat so many meat delicacies and wine – products that provoke the disease. There is an opinion that gout is a disease of the elderly, but this is a fallacy. Middle-aged people […]

Jun 17

Hemorrhoids: causes and symptoms of "sedentary disease"

Hemorrhoids are already called the human disease of the XXI century. Hypodynamia has become a sad "fashion", people lead a sedentary lifestyle, spend little time on movement and activity. Hemorrhoids are fraught with not only unpleasant sensations, but also sad complications. Hemorrhoids are internal, which develops in the rectum, external, in which the nodes bulge […]

Jun 17

"Sweet epidemic". Types and symptoms of diabetes

The statistics is disappointing: since 1980, the number of patients with diabetes has increased almost four times. And by 2030, according to forecasts of the World Health Organization, this disease will occupy the 7th place among the causes of death. What is diabetes, what types of diseases are there, what are the causes and symptoms […]