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Tag: spring

Nov 10

How not to catch a virus or quickly recover in spring: doctor's advice

If you do not get enough sleep or are hungry, the risk of catching a viral infection is much higher than with a good sleep and proper nutrition. Chief Editor

Oct 12

We meet spring fully armed: how to recognize vitamin deficiency

Springtime is characterized not only by the sound of drops, warm wind and sun, but also by a lack of vitamins. Exacerbation of chronic diseases, mood swings and frequent fatigue can be signs of vitamin deficiency. Most experts agree that in the rarest cases the body lacks a certain vitamin. Usually we need a whole […]

Oct 11

Psychiatrist: spring exacerbation in schizophrenics – myth or reality?

A psychiatrist and psychotherapist of the highest category, Alexander Fedorovich, said that spring exacerbations in schizophrenics actually begin much earlier. Chief Editor

Jun 18

Avitaminosis in the spring: how to understand which vitamins you lack?

©                     Pixabay Spring antistress: how to recover after a long winter With the arrival of spring, most of us experience a breakdown, frequent mood swings and a decrease in performance. The reasons may be many, but the most obvious and probable of them is vitamin deficiency. Vitamins and minerals play the role of "first violins" […]

Jun 18

How to support the body in the spring? Tips from a nutritionist and fitness trainer

You can support the body in the spring, observing a few simple rules, Sputnik was told about this by a dietitian and endocrinologist, the author of a blog about dietology, sports and medicine Olga Avchinnikova. ©                     Pixabay The only reason that really keeps you from losing weight According to the expert, to support the body […]

Jun 17

Stop falling: why does hair fall out in spring?

In winter, our hair has a hard time: it dries out heating, weakens hats and a poor supply of vitamins in the daily diet. First of all, beriberi "hits" on the skin, nails and hair. Many are beginning to notice that the hair is not only dull, but thinned due to increased hair loss. © […]