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Tag: operation

Nov 19

Belarusian surgeons performed a unique heart operation

Doctors of the Cardiology Research Center have introduced American technology that stops the development of heart failure in patients. Chief Editor

Nov 18

She underwent a complicated operation: the details of Zavorotnyuk’s disease became known.

For the first time, the actress was diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm of the brain in a German clinic, where she was trepanized. Chief Editor

Nov 18

Media: Anastasia Zavorotnyuk underwent another operation

The other day it was reported that the condition of the actress improved slightly and she had a chance of recovery. Chief Editor

Nov 10

“I am back”: Schwarzenegger woke up after the operation and said the first words

The actor uttered a remark that apparently refers to the cult phrase of his character Terminator. Chief Editor

Nov 09

Rummo: any transplant operation can be done in Belarus

According to the head of the Center for Organ and Tissue Transplantation, such operations are a locomotive for the development of high-tech medicine. Chief Editor

Nov 08

A unique operation without a scalpel was done to a child in Minsk

The operation, which was attended by Italian doctors, lasted more than two hours. Chief Editor

Nov 05

Brylev: the doctor who injured the child during the operation will go on trial

Sputnik Belarus https://cdn12.img.sputnik.by/i/logo.png Sputnik https://cdn12.img.sputnik.by/i/logo.png Chief Editor

Nov 01

Belorussian with a weight of 150 kilos: agreed to an operation to hug children

Extra pounds appeared at Lyudmila Lapkovskaya after IVF. She tried all known diets, sought the advice of doctors, but could not achieve any result. Chief Editor

Oct 30

Belarusian surgeons performed a unique heart operation on a child

The Damus-Rastelli operation was carried out for the first time not only in Belarus, but also in the CIS countries. Chief Editor

Oct 28

Glavred "Echo of Moscow" Venediktov underwent an emergency operation

Now Venediktov feels well, however, under the supervision of doctors, he will stay for another week. Chief Editor