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Tag: Ministry of Health of Belarus

Aug 20

Belarusians will be able to get vaccinated against meningococcal infection, but only for a fee

MINSK, Mar 21 – Sputnik. The vaccine for meningococcal infection will be delivered to Belarus this year, the press service of the country's Ministry of Health said. ©                     Sputnik / Max Bogdanovich Russian Embassy presents measles vaccine to Belarus The Ministry of Health notes: in recent decades, meningococcal infection, which causes a number of diseases […]

Jun 17

The Ministry of Health told about the number of measles cases since the beginning of this year

MINSK, Apr 2 – Sputnik. Since the beginning of this year, 45 laboratory-confirmed cases of measles have been registered in Belarus, the Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday. Cases of measles are detected in Belarus since February 2018, the first outbreak was registered in Volkovysk, the disease was brought to the republic from Ukraine. © […]

Jun 16

It became known how much the salary of physicians will grow in Belarus

MINSK, Apr 9 – Sputnik. The salary of Belarusian doctors from May 1 of this year on average per position will increase by 20-30 rubles, according to a material published by the Deputy Minister of Health Vyacheslav Shyla in the Medical Herald. ©                     Sputnik / Victor Tolochko Rumas called the main tool for wage growth […]

Apr 22

Ministry of Health published the schedule of work of hospitals during the May holidays

MINSK, Apr 18 – Sputnik. The Ministry of Health of Belarus has published a schedule of hospitals and clinics during the big May holidays. © Sputnik Belarus / Infographics Easter-2019: the consecration of food in the churches of Minsk In May of this year, Belarusians are expected to have five consecutive weekends: from Sunday, May […]