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Tag: Measles

Jun 17

The Ministry of Health told about the number of measles cases since the beginning of this year

MINSK, Apr 2 – Sputnik. Since the beginning of this year, 45 laboratory-confirmed cases of measles have been registered in Belarus, the Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday. Cases of measles are detected in Belarus since February 2018, the first outbreak was registered in Volkovysk, the disease was brought to the republic from Ukraine. © […]

Jun 16

Measles outbreak announced in New York

MINSK, Apr 10 – Sputnik. A public health emergency is announced in New York, reports The New York Times. This decision was made by the Mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, in connection with a measles outbreak in the Jewish community in Brooklyn. CC0 / pexels The Ministry of Health told about the number […]

Jun 16

A measly bus driver caused a traffic collapse in Austria

MINSK, Apr 10 – Sputnik. All public buses in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt, located in the federal state of Carinthia, did not embark on routes because of a measles-ridden driver, Kurier reported. CC0 / pexels Measles outbreak announced in New York It is known that the man felt unwell the last week, but before […]