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Nov 16

The Ministry of Health has reduced the list of contraindications to work at heights and not only

Now they can be allowed to work at heights and on mechanical equipment for diseases and conditions such as fainting, a seizure attack and myocardial infarction. Chief Editor

Nov 14

The Ministry of Health decided to revise the list of essential drugs again

Excluded from the list are drugs produced by only one manufacturer, as well as drugs that have low demand among the population. Chief Editor

Nov 04

"Case of physicians": the list of detainees replenished with new names

According to media reports, the head doctor of the 1st Minsk hospital and the head of the Republican Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy may be detained. Chief Editor

Oct 29

Ministry of Health Approves New List of Essential Medicines

The department has been improving this list for more than 10 years, the last time changes were made to it in 2014. Chief Editor

Oct 28

Ministry of Health promises to expand the list of preferential drugs

The new edition includes about 40 new drugs, both domestic and foreign production. Chief Editor

Oct 25

The list of prohibited substances in sports and methods established in Belarus

The document defines substances and methods that are prohibited in sports, as well as during competitions and in certain sports. Chief Editor

Oct 24

A list of drugs that should be in every pharmacy has been published

Compared with the previous edition, the list of notable changes has not undergone. Chief Editor

Oct 24

Ministry of Health wants to adopt a new list of OTC drugs

The agency submitted a draft resolution on changing the list of OTC drugs for public discussion a few weeks ago, but it went unnoticed by the general public. Chief Editor

Oct 22

Refusal of vaccines is on the list of 10 major health threats

In addition to refusing vaccination, WHO considers air pollution, climate change and other factors to be threats. Chief Editor

Oct 11

The list of diseases that qualify for free drugs has been expanded

MINSK, Mar 12 – Sputnik. The list of diseases that give Belarusians the right to receive free medicines has been expanded, the press service of the Belarusian Council of Ministers said on Tuesday. The relevant resolution No. 152 of March 11 of the current year is posted on the government website and comes into force […]