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Jun 18

Avitaminosis in the spring: how to understand which vitamins you lack?

©                     Pixabay Spring antistress: how to recover after a long winter With the arrival of spring, most of us experience a breakdown, frequent mood swings and a decrease in performance. The reasons may be many, but the most obvious and probable of them is vitamin deficiency. Vitamins and minerals play the role of "first violins" […]

Apr 22

Lukashenka: doctors lack responsibility and professionalism in villages

MINSK, Apr 19 – Sputnik. Alexander Lukashenko believes that special attention should be paid to health issues in rural areas. ©                     Sputnik / Igor Zarembo Graduates of medical higher education institutions can increase training up to 5 years Rural medicine "We do not refine there, in villages, in settlements, with old men. It needs to […]