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Nov 25

Measles infected in Grodno since early May

All patients were hospitalized in the Grodno regional infectious clinical hospital. Chief Editor

Nov 23

New case of Ebola in Congo: pastor turned out to be infected

The first case of infection was found in the city of Goma in the east of the country, where more than a million people will live. Chief Editor

Aug 21

Daughter of anti-vaccines from Lida became infected with measles in Moscow

MINSK, Mar 14 – Sputnik. A case of measles was recorded in Lida – an 11-year-old girl who contracted the disease in Moscow was hospitalized, the Lida newspaper reported. ©                     Sputnik / Nikolay Khizhnyak Bobruichan, who worked in Moscow, arrived home with measles According to the publication, a sick child came to the district center […]

Jun 17

A man infected with avian flu virus in China

MINSK, Apr 7 – Sputnik. An eighty-two-year-old male contracted the H7N9 bird flu virus in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, reports Xinhua. Now the patient is undergoing treatment in Gansu Province in northwestern China. A man lives in Alashan aimak. Local authorities disinfected his home and nearby territory. For those who have been […]