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Tag: Gomel

Nov 27

Washed, sheared: a campaign for the homeless was held in Gomel

The police searched for the protesters and took them to the doctors in the regional center for preventive disinfection, but not all of the 34 detainees agreed to wash and bathe. Chief Editor

Nov 16

Mango with a stick. Dangerous ice cream found in Gomel

Specialists of the Gomel oblast inspection of Gosstandart have revealed that the product does not meet the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union and the EEC in terms of safety indicators Chief Editor

Nov 10

Doctors registered 11 cases of measles in the Gomel region

Earlier, the Ministry of Health announced that measles was imported into the region – as in Volkovysk. Chief Editor

Nov 03

Lukashenko calls the repaired children's hospital in Gomel a palace

At first, a project was proposed to build a hospital outside the city, but the president ordered to reconstruct and expand the complex in Gomel itself. Chief Editor

Oct 30

Cigarettes will not be sold in Gomel on Friday, September 21

The action is dedicated to the traditional week of health, which this year takes place in Gomel from September 17 to 21. Chief Editor

Oct 29

Four Belarusians injured in road accident in Ukraine will be delivered to Gomel

It is planned that reanimobiles with victims will return to the regional center on Saturday, October 6. Chief Editor

Oct 29

Four Belarusians injured in an accident were brought from Ukraine to Gomel

Doctors had to inject painkillers to patients, because Ukrainian roads left much to be desired. Chief Editor

Aug 21

Named the cause of the sudden death of a schoolgirl in a hospital in Gomel

MINSK, Mar 15 – Sputnik. The cause of the sudden death of a 16-year-old girl in a hospital in Gomel was meningococcal infection, Tatyana Velikanova, head pediatrician of the Gomel region, said on Friday, the Gomelskaya Pravda newspaper writes. ©                     Sputnik / Victor Tolochko 16-year-old schoolgirl suddenly dies in Gomel The tragedy in the regional […]