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Oct 19

A woman in Iraq gave birth to seven babies at once

According to doctors, at present, the condition of newborns and their mother is good. Chief Editor

Aug 20

Miracle story: a pregnant Minsk woman got into an accident, survived a coma and gave birth

MINSK, Mar 21 – Sputnik. The Belarusian doctors did a unique job – they managed to save the life of a pregnant woman who survived in a traffic accident near Radoshkovichi, the ONT television channel reported. 26-year-old Minsk resident Kaleria Stefanenko had an accident on the Minsk-Molodechno highway in October 2018. Four people were killed […]

Jun 17

Suddenly pregnant: Scottish woke up and unexpectedly gave birth to

MINSK, 5 Apr – Sputnik. Eighteen plaid did not know that she was pregnant, almost to the very moment of birth, writes Mirror. CC0 / Pixabay / Greyerbaby American learned about her pregnancy during childbirth The girl went to bed without knowing anything, and her stomach was flat. And she woke up in a completely […]

Apr 23

Unaware of her pregnancy the girl suddenly gave birth in the bathroom

MINSK, Apr 16 – Sputnik. British Charlotte Dubard unexpectedly gave birth to a child in the bathroom, writes Daily Mail. It is reported that the baby is healthy. According to the publication, the 24-year-old resident of London did not notice her pregnancy, but gave birth in a bathroom without help. CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels […]