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Tag: doctors

Aug 20

Doctors explained why they could not save Yulia Nachalova

In shock from the death of singer Julia Nachalova, the entire Russian-language segment of the Internet has been around for several days. The actress left too early and, it seems, by a tragic coincidence. In the latest episode of Let Let They Talk on Channel One, dedicated to Nachalova, the chief physician of the clinic […]

Jun 18

Doctors are promised salaries 1.5 times the national average

MINSK, Mar 27 – Sputnik. The average salary of Belarusian doctors by 2025 should be 150% of the average level in the republic, relevant information was published in the journal Finance. Accounting. Audit with reference to Finance Minister Maxim Yermolovich. The priority of the authorities for this year, according to the head of the Ministry […]

Jun 17

Doctors in Portugal did not allow a woman to die for 13 weeks to give birth

MINSK, 29 Mar – Sputnik. A baby named Salvador was born in Portugal after living 13 weeks in the womb of a mother who died in her brain, writes BBC. CC0 / Pixabay / WenPhotos Woman bore children twice in one month The baby was born on the 32nd week of pregnancy, the baby weighs […]

Apr 22

Lukashenka: doctors lack responsibility and professionalism in villages

MINSK, Apr 19 – Sputnik. Alexander Lukashenko believes that special attention should be paid to health issues in rural areas. ©                     Sputnik / Igor Zarembo Graduates of medical higher education institutions can increase training up to 5 years Rural medicine "We do not refine there, in villages, in settlements, with old men. It needs to […]