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Aug 20

"Disease of the Kings": symptoms and treatment of gout

Gout, or impaired protein metabolism, has long been considered a disease of kings and aristocrats. After all, only wealthy people could afford to eat so many meat delicacies and wine – products that provoke the disease. There is an opinion that gout is a disease of the elderly, but this is a fallacy. Middle-aged people […]

Jun 17

This terrible migraine: how does the headache appear and what to do with it

Unfortunately, the headache does not spare anyone: it affects people regardless of race, age, place of residence and income level. It can be tension pain, cluster pain and, worst of all, chronic pain or migraine. In any case, it is a state of the body when functioning becomes painful. The fact that this is where […]

Jun 17

Scientists have denied the effectiveness of omega-3 for the prevention of heart disease

MINSK, Apr 4 – Sputnik. The European Medical Agency called omega-3 fatty acids ineffective for the secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the Center for Examination and Testing in Healthcare of Belarus reported. ©                     Sputnik / Maria Amelina Belarus bypasses Russia in the ranking of healthy countries Omega-3 "beneficial" fatty acids are often recommended as a […]