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Nov 30

The doctor called the first symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency include pain in the limbs and weight gain. You can get vitamin D not only from the sun, but also from food. Chief Editor

Nov 17

Signs and symptoms of iron deficiency in the blood

What you should know about the work of the body and how to recognize a lack of iron – read the special Sputnik help. Chief Editor

Nov 11

Autumn blues: how to protect yourself from vitamin deficiency

What to eat and drink, so as not to suffer from the autumn lack of vitamins and, as a result, longing, is in the Sputnik Help. Chief Editor

Oct 26

Autumn blues: how to protect yourself from vitamin deficiency

What to eat and drink in order not to suffer from autumn depression is in Sputnik help. Chief Editor

Oct 12

We meet spring fully armed: how to recognize vitamin deficiency

Springtime is characterized not only by the sound of drops, warm wind and sun, but also by a lack of vitamins. Exacerbation of chronic diseases, mood swings and frequent fatigue can be signs of vitamin deficiency. Most experts agree that in the rarest cases the body lacks a certain vitamin. Usually we need a whole […]

Aug 21

Scientists: Vitamin B12 deficiency can be deadly

MINSK, Mar 14 – Sputnik. Deficiency of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) increases the risk of contracting two potentially deadly pathogens, researchers at Rice University (USA) concluded. ©                     Pixabay Just about health: how to take vitamins so as not to harm Scientists "planted" roundworms on a diet to study thoroughly what happens in the body with a […]

Aug 20

How to deal with vitamin deficiency? Folk recipes

©                     Sputnik / Sergey Lesket / What is useful birch sap? Nettle, sorrel, parsley, snits in combination with the usual potatoes, carrots and beets are a real vitamin bomb that will be enjoyed and affordable. For example, Belarusians made soups, salads, mashed potatoes and toppings for pies from sorrel. Due to the content of acids, […]