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Oct 29

Ministry of Health: flu vaccines have already been delivered to the country

According to the agency, the vaccines for paid services are purchased by the clinics themselves in the required quantities. Chief Editor

Oct 27

The best doctors of the country work with Luchenok

The Ministry of Health confirmed the hospitalization of the People's Artist. Chief Editor

Oct 26

The Spaniards decided to eradicate alternative medicine in the country

In Spain, about 60% of the country's citizens believe in acupuncture and more than half consider various homeopathic remedies effective. Chief Editor

Oct 24

Ministry of Health: infant mortality in the country is one of the lowest in Europe

At the end of 2018, the infant mortality rate will not exceed 2.5 ppm (2.5 per thousand). Chief Editor

Aug 20

Government approves country grant for HIV treatment

MINSK, Mar 20 – Sputnik. The Council of Ministers of Belarus approved five projects of international technical assistance, including a project for the prevention and treatment of HIV patients and tuberculosis, the government’s press service said on Wednesday. ©                     Sputnik / Maxim Bogodvid Government approves country grant for HIV treatment For almost three months, Belarusian […]

Apr 22

Malashko: should provide quality medical care throughout the country

MINSK, Apr 22 – Sputnik. Quality medical care should be available throughout Belarus, the Minister of Health Valery Malashko said on the TV channel ONT. ©                     Pixabay Lukashenka: doctors lack responsibility and professionalism in villages “We should be focused on the outback, on the population to whom, possibly, territorially and professionally, the level of health […]