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Nov 09

Disease Hygiene Center in Belarus: Measles is rarely recorded

Doctors say that the country's population is vaccinated by 97%, and the facts of infection are often imported in nature. Chief Editor

Oct 31

The detained head of the center of expertise of the Ministry of Health found a replacement

The Center for Expertise and Testing in Healthcare is now headed by Sergey Marchenko. Chief Editor

Oct 21

Former head doctor of the medical rehabilitation center was sentenced to 2.5 years of "chemistry"

Sergey Korytko was sentenced to restraint of liberty without being sent to a correctional institution and deprived of the right to occupy posts related to organizational and administrative and administrative and economic duties for five years. Chief Editor

Aug 21

Grigoryev: in Belarus it is important to create a genetic center

MINSK, Mar 15 – Sputnik. In Belarus, it’s important to create a genetic center so that patients with rare genetic diseases do not stop looking for treatment due to local doctors’ confusion, Elena Grigoryeva, executive director of the Social Assistance international public association, said during a meeting at the Sputnik Belarus multimedia press center. © […]