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Apr 23

Life-threatening pulse called researchers

MINSK, Apr 16 – Sputnik. What kind of pulse is life-threatening, said researchers from the University of Gothenburg. The results of their work published in the journal Open Heart. ©                     Sputnik / Victor Tolochko Belarusians increasingly screening for cancer Experts noted that high heart rate in middle age increases the risk of premature death by […]

Apr 22

Scientists have called a simple way to avoid dementia

MINSK, Apr 21 – Sputnik. Scientists from Boston University (USA) have called a simple way to avoid the development of dementia and protect the brain from aging. ©                     Pixabay Being like Methuselah: scientists told how to prolong life Researchers studied the effect of physical activity on brain health and came to unambiguous conclusions: any exercise, […]