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Nov 26

The fragrance of a favorite deodorant brought out a coma of a British teenager

They tried to bring him to consciousness for three weeks, but there was no result, then the nurse invited the teenager's mother to wash him. Chief Editor

Nov 03

Dermatovenerologist: gonorrhea and chlamydia are brought from vacation to the sea

The end of the vacation season for dermatovenerologists is always an influx of patients: the number of patients with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) increases several times. Chief Editor

Oct 29

Four Belarusians injured in an accident were brought from Ukraine to Gomel

Doctors had to inject painkillers to patients, because Ukrainian roads left much to be desired. Chief Editor

Aug 21

The Briton cleaned his ear with a cotton swab and brought the infection into the skull

The Briton introduced a dangerous infection into his body, brushing his ear with a cotton swab, writes Health. CC0 / Pixabay / abubibolabu For four years, a man lived with a toothpick in his heart. The 31-year-old man did not feel ill right away, but after ten days (he had a seizure), before that his […]