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Jun 18

How to support the body in the spring? Tips from a nutritionist and fitness trainer

You can support the body in the spring, observing a few simple rules, Sputnik was told about this by a dietitian and endocrinologist, the author of a blog about dietology, sports and medicine Olga Avchinnikova. ©                     Pixabay The only reason that really keeps you from losing weight According to the expert, to support the body […]

Apr 22

Preparing the body for the summer! The main myths about cellulite

Speaking in scientific language, the "orange peel" or cellulite is the result of a metabolic disorder in the subcutaneous fat. Cellulite is in everyone, and it all depends on the stage of violation. ©                     Pixabay Five myths about losing weight that you still believe in The misconception that cellulite is a disease that requires immediate […]