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The consumption of a large number of sugary drinks turned out to be deadly: the risk of not only a number of serious diseases, but also premature death increases. This conclusion was made as a result of a large-scale study by scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Chicken eggs, archive photo

Scientists again change their mind about the harm of eggs

Scientists have studied the effects of sugary drinks on people's health. Moreover, the study took into account both drinks with sugar and with numerous sweeteners.

As it turned out, drinks with sugar lead to an increased risk of premature death. The more a person drinks them, the more he risks. This concerns not only soda, but also juices, as well as coffee and tea with added sugar.

So, the use of one to four drinks with sugar per day increases the risk of premature death by a percentage, from two to six per week – by 6%, and two or more times a day – by 21%. This negative effect on women is more pronounced.

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"Diet" soda was dangerous for the heart

A connection was also found between the consumption of sugary drinks and the increased risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, as well as the appearance of appropriate diagnoses. Increased sugary drinks and cancer risk.

When replacing sugar with artificial substitutes, the risk of premature death is not so high, however, due to sugar substitutes, diseases of the cardiovascular system more often develop.


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