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In winter, our hair has a hard time: it dries out heating, weakens hats and a poor supply of vitamins in the daily diet. First of all, beriberi "hits" on the skin, nails and hair. Many are beginning to notice that the hair is not only dull, but thinned due to increased hair loss.

Vitamin complex or natural product - it is better to discuss it with your doctor.

Avitaminosis in the spring: how to understand which vitamins you lack?

In order to avoid the treacherous spring hair fall, which many women and men complain about, try to take care of your hair every day. And if the situation is out of control, do not panic ahead of time. Do not postpone the trip to the trichologist, which will help you identify the causes and prescribe the correct treatment.

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Just about health: the thyroid gland is the conductor of our body.

Spring and autumn seasons are traditionally accompanied by avitaminosis. A lack of vitamin A can lead to such effects as dry and brittle hair. Vitamin C also plays a leading role in the state of the hair, responsible for the vital activity of the skin vessels. Also do not forget about the assistants of group B: their lack can lead to a number of dangerous diseases.

Iron deficiency

Due to improper diet, sedentary lifestyle or lack of oxygen in the body, iron deficiency can occur. To avoid such trouble, you need to enter into the diet of proteins and more to be in the fresh air.


In men and women, the level of testosterone derivative male hormone dihydrotestosterone may increase. It is this hormone that affects the hair follicles and can cause their dystrophy and subsequent hair loss. In this case, an urgent need to consult a specialist.

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Just about health: testosterone is the main hormone of a man.

Back problems

Cervical osteochondrosis can affect the condition of your hair. Due to a common disease, vascular tone may be disturbed and blood circulation may slow down. All because of insufficient nutrition of the scalp.


Stress is the culprit and the source of all problems. In the tense state, the body is unable to produce a certain amount of hormones responsible for the condition and growth of hair. Alopecia is one of the most common forms of hair loss due to stress. In this state, an increased level of stress causes the body to change the natural hair cycle.

Dramatic weight loss

Lack of essential nutrients, fatty acids can lead to big problems of your appearance. After a strict diet, the body loses a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which leads to hair loss and deterioration of the skin and nails. Therefore, it is worth reviewing your diet, reject hunger strikes and mono-diets and make a choice in favor of a balanced diet.

Joint health after 50 depends on our respect for them

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Just about health: arthrosis, arthritis and other diseases of the joints

Intestinal problems

Digestive problems can also cause hair loss. Our body gets rid of toxins in different ways and if it cannot do this with the help of the gastrointestinal tract, it will do so with the help of the sebaceous glands, which will weaken the hair follicles.

Other causes of hair loss

Frequent hair coloring, bad habits, heredity – each of these points can affect the state of your hair. You should not make a diagnosis and identify the causes yourself, it is better to consult a trichologist.


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