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MINSK, Apr 2 – Sputnik. Since the beginning of the year, six people in Belarus have applied to hospitals and clinics with tick bites, this figure was given in the Ministry of Health.

According to the ministry, the first bites were recorded back in February of this year.

Mite in the virology laboratory

                    Sputnik / Igor Zarembo
Ticks woke up: in the Brest region there are already the first bitten ones

“Six people turned to health care organizations about tick sucking, four of them in the Brest region (Pinsky, Zhabinka, Pruzhansky and Kobrin districts), one in the Minsk region (Lyubansky district) and another in Minsk,” Ministry of Health.

The ministry reminded that ticks are activated in Belarus in early spring and disappear in late autumn. Insects become active in the absence of snow and air temperature above five degrees.

“As the temperature rises, their activity increases, reaching a maximum in May-June. Ixodic ticks that inhabit Belarus "- warned the agency.

The Ministry of Health recommends taking all necessary precautions when visiting forests, mowing excess vegetation in country houses and garden plots, and in case of a bite, contact physicians. It is also necessary to consult a doctor if after a bite there is a malaise, weakness, fever, a spot at the site of the bite, headaches, muscle aches and other symptoms. In addition, the ministry recalled that it is possible to conduct a laboratory study of a remote tick.

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