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Russian singer Vladimir Kuzmin was spotted at the oncology center, in connection with which the media reported today that he may have cancer.

Singer Julia Nachalova

                    Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
Doctors explained why they could not save Yulia Nachalova

According to the Interlocutor, the artist was seen by one of the visitors to the oncology center in Moscow, who reported this on his Facebook page.

According to him, a man, very similar to a famous singer, was sitting in a queue in a radiotherapy room.

“Coming out of the radiotherapy department, I saw Kuzmin sitting in a robe waiting for a queue. Nobody is spared by the crab. Something has recently become a lot.

The patient of the oncology center added that, having seen a person in the clinic who looked like Vladimir Kuzmin, he approached him to express words of support.

“I came up to Kuzmin today. I said that I remember him still at the concert“ Dynamics ”at the Central House of Theaterers in 1983, that we were exposed to one device and everything was going to hurt us.

Vladimir Kuzmin himself does not comment on information about his health.

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