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Minsk resident Lydia shared her personal experience about what plastic surgery is in reality.

For a long time, the girl was worried about the size of her breasts – she had a natural asymmetry, one breast was very different from the other. She did not feel like everyone else. And last year, after much deliberation, I decided on an operation.

Psychologist Anastasia Bulgakova

                    Photo: from the personal archive of Anastasia Bulgakova

Bulgakova: ideas about beauty are distorted to please plastic surgeons

She shared with Sputnik what conclusions this experience brought her.

Do not expect surgery to change your life

Ten years I went to this operation. Ten long years. With my brains, I understand that all my feelings about my chest are ridiculous. And that it’s not her fault in my love failures. But why is it so painful? When you are abandoned, anything comes to mind.

No, for some time I thought that this was nonsense and there would still be a person in this world who would love me for who I am. But he was not and never was. And so, when the next one threw me, I decided – it’s time to act.

In the days when I was preparing for the operation, my companion was heartache. After all, I said goodbye to myself as before. The same girl, absurd and vulnerable, who never waited for adoption. To some extent, this operation was experienced by me as a betrayal of myself. Although formally this perception was exaggerated. After all, I have relatives and friends who love me any.

The cost of mammoplasty depends on the quality of implants

                    AFP 2019 / MIGUEL MEDINA
The cost of mammoplasty depends on the quality of implants

Now there is no flaw, but the soul is injured. But I'm still the same. My perception of myself and others has not changed. A new life cannot come because you remember the old one.

The only blessing the operation has given me is inner freedom

I am no longer ashamed to undress in public showers. I am not tormented by the mental suffering that periodically happened to me before the operation. On the contrary, I feel that I have become closer to other women, I have become part of something in common, and I'm not so lonely anymore. For the sake of this, probably, all this was worth undertaking.

Do not be afraid to contact government clinics

She performed the operation in the Minsk Clinical Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Cosmetology. Frankly: I had little money, and there the prices were the lowest in the city. And did not regret it!

Firstly, the operation was performed efficiently. Everything looks symmetrical and neat. There were no side effects, and the sutures healed quickly enough.

Secondly, I liked the attitude of the staff. After the operation, there was no person who would not look into my ward. And when I got nervous on the operating table, the nurse began to reassure me with such tenderness, as if I were a small child.

Perhaps the conditions of stay in the center will seem to some people to be not luxurious (I read such reviews). But I was comfortable in everything – I say this honestly and impartially. The bedding is clean and modern, the bed is comfortable. I will say more: after the operation they will give you sleeping pills, so the question of where and how to sleep will disappear by itself.

Do not believe reviews on the Internet

I chose my surgeon for a long time. First I signed up for a female doctor, so that it would not be so shy. But then I read unflattering reviews about her and got scared.

Doctors in the operating room, archive photo

                    Sputnik / Barbara Gertier
Chinese woman did plastic surgery so as not to pay debts

It was clear to me that tactless patients could write this, but in such a situation you are afraid of everything. So I corresponded with another doctor.

And then I met this woman in the clinic. Very nice and attentive surgeon. The patient thanked her for the operation.

It's not as scary as you think

I tell how everything happens in reality. Call the clinic, they tell you the names of the doctors who are involved in your profile. When you decide, make an appointment. It is paid, but is inexpensive.

At the meeting, discuss your expectations with the doctor. Choose the day of surgery. Two weeks before her, you need to call and confirm that you have not changed your mind. This is important, because the operating room is being prepared that day.

It will be necessary to pass the tests that the surgeon will prescribe. There are few of them. Most blood tests: group, Rh factor, coagulability, etc.

My operation took place at noon. In the morning I was advised to have a hearty breakfast, then six hours of complete hunger. When I arrived, I was met by an anesthetist who studied all the tests.

The Clinical Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Cosmetology is the oldest in Minsk

                    Sputnik / Victor Tolochko
The Clinical Center for Plastic Surgery and Medical Cosmetology is the oldest in Minsk

I paid for the operation. I was led to change into hospital clothes (trousers and a spacious shirt), and was escorted to my room. There were four beds in it, but there was only one girl with me. Before the operation, we had to wait about an hour, so we started talking. My neighbor was only 18 years old. But all her life, she said, she was very complex about the shape of her nose. And so – the parents made a gift.

With me, the girl was discharged. The next patient was identified in her bunk – a woman in her 30s who was very worried about the first signs of aging.

Chief plastic surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the requirements of Russians to operations
RIA News

Plastic surgeon: the requirements of Belarusians and Russians for operations are the same

“There were facial wrinkles near my eyes,” my neighbor complained. It was noticeable that she was nervous and doubted about the operation. Wrinkles would come back, the woman said.

These examples seemed comical to me, as I did before myself. Until recently, I thought that now I would get up and leave. And only on the operating table did awareness come – everything, there is no turning back. A wild tremor came over me. You lie naked, around a lot of people in bathrobes. What will happen next, you can’t even imagine. At that moment, a nurse began to calm me down.

Then I remember that the anesthesiologist leaned over me: “Now we will introduce the drug – it will feel as though we have drunk champagne. And then you will fall asleep.” And so it happened. I had dreams so vivid as never before in my life. True, I did not remember them. She slept as if for five minutes, but it turned out to be several hours.

After the operation, they brought me to the ward. There I lay awake for about an hour. You know that you were woken up, you are lying with your eyes closed, but you hear everything around.

Do not believe that after anesthesia you feel sick. On the contrary, wild hunger arises. In the clinic, by the way, they do not feed – you need to take care of the food in advance yourself. The next morning I was examined and discharged. Next, my task was to take care of the seams.

The work of a plastic surgeon, archive photo

                    AFP 2019 / ALEXANDER JOE
Plastic surgeon: if your husband asks you to change your nose, change your husband

Do not believe that it will be hellishly painful

I can speak, of course, for myself. But after the operation, it is not as painful as one might imagine. Firstly, after you come to your senses, they will give you pain medication, and then sleeping pills. You will sleep at night for sure!

The next day the pain will be already bearable, and slowly it will subside every day. Do not be afraid: you are in touch with the doctor. In which case you can always turn to him.

To reduce swelling, doctors recommend bed rest for a few days after plasty. Do not neglect this advice.

Be prepared to spend money after surgery

I was convinced that the list of my expenses would include payment for surgery, tests and appointments with a doctor. Somehow I didn’t think about the fact that I still have to spend money on dressings. And this eventually resulted in a serious penny.

The materials themselves are inexpensive, but it took me a lot of them. This must be taken into account by those with limited finances.

However, all these are trifles of life. Generally speaking, you should not be afraid of surgery. In any case, in my life it has become an important event. I remember her at the same time as sadness and joy.

And so as not to be mentally painful, I advise you not to build big illusions on her account. Be that as it may, our life is in our hands, not in the hands of a surgeon. I have not reached the psychologist yet, but I am trying to correct some thoughts about life on my own.

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