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MINSK, Apr 18 – Sputnik. Red meat causes intestinal cancer, this is the conclusion of British researchers, according to the International Journal of Epidemiology.


Life-threatening pulse called researchers

At risk were people who consume beef, pork and lamb daily, as well as sausage, bacon and other products made from them.

The study was conducted over six years. Scientists from the University of Oxford collected data from 500 thousand patients aged 40-69 years. During the study, intestinal cancer was diagnosed in 2,609 volunteers.

The researchers concluded that eating 75 grams of meat every day leads to the formation of tumors. The risk of oncology in this case is 20% higher than if a person consumed a smaller portion – no more than 21 grams.

Also, scientists have concluded that the most dangerous processed meat. Only 25 grams of this product per day significantly increases the chances of developing malignant tumors.

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