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MINSK, Apr 21 – Sputnik. Scientists from Boston University (USA) have called a simple way to avoid the development of dementia and protect the brain from aging.

Hands of an old woman, archival photo

Being like Methuselah: scientists told how to prolong life

Researchers studied the effect of physical activity on brain health and came to unambiguous conclusions: any exercise, including walking, helps to maintain the health and youth of the body.

Only an hour of classes per week, the researchers say, helps to significantly reduce the risk of dementia (senile dementia). Each additional hour of exercise helps to maintain the youth of the brain: according to its performance, for those who are engaged in physical exercise, it is “younger” by a year than at the same age.

Especially useful for the brain is any aerobics, including walking, running, swimming or cycling. By the way, the parts of the brain responsible for learning, emotions and memory work better for people who train.

There is evidence that physical activity helps the brain to maintain health longer.

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