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MINSK, Apr 3 – Sputnik. More than 120 thousand people died in Belarus in 2018, according to data from the statistical bulletin "Natural movement of the population in the Republic of Belarus for 2018" published by the Belstat.

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In the annual bulletin Belstat provides data on mortality in the republic. The number of deaths and causes are indicated.

Thus, 120,053 people died in Belarus last year. For comparison: it is more than the population of Orsha – one of the largest regional centers in the country.

The most common causes of death were circulatory system diseases (68,095 cases). In second place is death due to neoplasm (18,845 people), in third place are "symptoms, signs and abnormalities identified in clinical and laboratory studies" (8677 cases).

From the "external causes" in the past year, just over eight thousand people died. Thus, more than 1,800 people have died of their own free will, almost one and a half thousand – as a result of accidental alcohol poisoning. The victims of the killings were 305 people.

Although in absolute terms the number of dead women is greater, in relative values, on the contrary. Thus, per 100 thousand of the population of the corresponding sex, 2.3 men and 2.2 women died.

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